Praying Indians of Natick & Ponkapoag

Muskhet Kutoo
(Many crows make much noise but it takes only one to bring the message.  – Naticksqw Chief Caring Hands)

*The Creator recognizes His children’s wigwam whether it is round, pointed, square or has no walls at all with the stars for its roof.  The Creator recognizes and loves all His children. 

*All things present opportunity to do what is popular or what is right.  The rewards of one may be immediate, but the rewards of the other are eternal.  My brothers, choose wisely.
*Know that you will one day be an ancestor… live your life in honor to this title.


Ancients are ancestors of the ancestors.  Ancestors are all that have gone long before.  There are ancestors of the land such as ancient trees and there ancients amongst us in people. Most honorably there are the spiritual ancestors of the prophets, the wise ones, and the holy ones. 

Edna Parker, then the oldest person in the United States, died in the summer of 2008 she was 115 years old.  What a story she must have had to tell.  How much she must have seen while receiving the blessing of long life.  However, it is not the length but the "living of."  It is important that all people know life lived harmoniously is rich in life long in blessings.    *(worldwide boast longer living persons)

Methusulah, ancestor to the ancestors is indeed an ancient:  Methusulah  gets its
name from the Biblical Methusulah, recorded in the bible as having died at the age of 969 years in a time of pure air, water, food and spirituality.  However the Methusulah of which we speak is a tree in White Mountains California, United States which is reported to be about 4,839 years old.  Oh what a story it must have to tell.       
*(Sweden boasts a 9,500 years specimen)


Man need never question the importance of the land scientifically.  What he must know is that oxygen comes off the ocean and from green things.  The harmony of nature is this… The trees and plants give off oxygen.  Oxygen is necessary for man and all living creatures to breathe.  Man and all living creatures give off carbon dioxide.  Carbon dioxide is necessary for trees and plants to breathe.  It is the true circle of life.  It is harmony.  Think on this.  

Man need never question the importance of the land spiritually.  The land and all that is within and upon it was created before man.  Man was first given to be steward over it.  Man was to be fruitful and multiply in all his ways spiritually as well as physically.

The Native American retains the communication with the environment and the knowledge of harmony.  The many “Keepers of the Forest”,  people and organizations dedicated to the preservation of the land and its forest inhabitants, are blessed to recognize the song and its importance.  But it is all man that will benefit or suffer by its use or misuse and loss of harmony.   In this all men are called to learn the melody of the song.

Preservation of the land is the only insurance to its future.However, it is the living in harmony with ones brothers, the environment and ones self that assures there will be ancestors and ancients amongst us.  It is the great gift to our children and their home of mother earth. *(love of ones children is the universal boast of agreement)