Praying Indians of Natick & Ponkapoag

From Our Wigwam to YoursIn the beginning the Natick Praying Indians possessed the knowledge that all men are brothers.  The Praying Indians desired to live amongst their neighbors harmoniously; and to be fruitful and multiply in a strong spiritual way. 

However it was not the desire of their non-native neighbors.   History and Deer Island substantiate the results of this tragic misunderstanding.

Love of the children is universal.  In the house of the earth all must live together harmoniously.  The events and weather patterns of the earth show us the importance
of understanding this.  So it is with understanding and love that we wish to live harmoniously amongst our brothers in this fruitful spiritual knowledge:
All things done should be with thought toward the children.  The elders are the living past and the children are the future present.  That today will be tomorrow.  But without proper care of the environment there will be nothing for our children to take care of
and no tomorrow.  So, care for the children.  Teach them not only how to care for themselves but for each other, it is their spiritual environment.  If they learn early of the principles of accountability and that they are part of their physical environment, everything will take care of itself.It has been said of those who do not know their
history are doomed to repeat it…  Think on this and know that, “Evidence of the past
in the present is promise of A future.  Preservation of the past is insurance toward
THE future.  We owe this opportunity of hope AND future to our children.  It is their inheritance.” Ho!  We are Natick, home of the torch, the light, the candlestick on the hill no longer hidden under a basket.  We are messengers from Deer Island of the suffering servants and a remnant asked to forgive those who ask to be forgiven so
that the Father might find their gifts acceptable.“And to the indigenous of the earth know that you are the strands which hold the beads of the necklace on Mother Earth’s breast.  You are her jewels and jewels shine to share their beauty with all.  Thus, you
are her regalia, the people to lay down their shawls, and the chiefs to lay down their crowns in humbleness before the King of all the universe and acknowledge the good things He has done.” Moskhet Kutoo as given to Naticksqw, Chief Caring Hands

Grand Squaw Sachem

Grand Squaw Sachem, Mother of Many
(9/9/28 - 2/18/13)
Natick Praying Indians